Expanding High-Quality Bread Shops Nationwide: A Conversation with Akishiro Nakayama from the Product Development Team at  “Real Pasco Bakeries”

Real Pasco Bakeries operates 83 stores in department stores nationwide, from Sapporo in the north to Hakata in the south. The company is renowned for its ‘Bakery Shop’ concept, known for its bread and sweets baked in-store. They prioritize authentic, freshly baked bread that uses quality ingredients.

Real Pasco Bakeries
Meguro City, Tokyo

Kumazawa: Thank you for always using NHP’s products. Today, I want to discuss how your bakery started using our hydrolyzed rice products.

Mr. Nakayama: It all started at the height of the boom of the nama-shokupan (a fluffy white milkbread). Our company had just decided to develop our nama-shokupan. It took us about a year to develop it. We didn’t know about NHP’s hydrolyzed products at the time. When we were nearing the end of developing the recipe, one of our suppliers introduced us to your products. We decided to test them, and they were perfect for our bread. There was a noticeable difference in moisture and smoothness. It received positive reviews in our in-house focus groups, so we made last-minute changes to the recipe to incorporate the NHP products.

Kumazawa: So it was a chance encounter!

Mr. Nakayama: If the timing had been different, we might’ve not used it.

Kumazawa: Thank you very much. I understand that since then, you’ve used it in the nama-shokupan and the other products sold in your bakeries. How have you been using it there?

Real Pasco Bakeries Product Samples

Mr. Nakayama: After we finished developing the nama-shokupan, our next goal was to create bread with high water content (moist and chewy bread made with a lot of water) and recipes for our retail bakeries (bakeries with their kitchens inside the store). We were drawn to the NHP’s hydrolyzed rice product’s gelling action and found it very efficient during testing. This breakthrough inspired us to use it in other products, too.

Kumazawa: By gelling, do you mean it’s used in a way similar to yudane (a type of dough improver) or yudane boos’ in the bread industry?

Mr. Nakayama: Yes, exactly. Using a gelling agent as an additive makes baking bread with high water content easier but can affect the taste negatively. However, we achieved a stable gelling effect by using NHP’s hydrolyzed rice product while maintaining the flavor. It was a win-win situation. That’s why we decided to adopt it.

Kumazawa: Thank you. NHP’s hydrolyzed rice products have functionality that is equivalent to food additives while also enhancing the flavor. We also think it can contribute significantly to solving problems related to Japan’s agricultural policies and the national rice surplus. As developers, it’s gratifying to know that it’s valued for its functionality and taste.

Mr. Nakayama: We tried a lot of ingredients, but in the end, the NHP hydrolyzed products were the most delicious. The texture and mouthfeel were a bit off with other products. But NHP’s hydrolyzed rice product checked both boxes.

Kumazawa: I see! Besides the hydrolyzed rice powder you currently use, NHP offers hydrolyzed products from various other materials. For instance, we recently developed hydrolyzed products from adzuki beans and other legumes. Like our rice products, these are chemical-free and have multiple functionalities. We’d love to hear your ideas for new creations using these materials.

We had the opportunity to taste the products made with our hydrolyzed rice powder (JU-800)!

Mr. Nakayama: Sure, there are many possibilities. I’d be interested in a vegetable powder that gels like rice powder.

Kumazawa: Interesting, a vegetable gel. It’s possible to develop something like that. I’d be eager to hear your thoughts on what vegetables and flavors you’d like and the functionalities you’re aiming for. And, of course, amidst all these functionalities, we can’t lose sight of the most important thing – making sure whatever we make tastes good.

Mr. Nakayama: That’s right. I’ve loved bread since I was a kid, so it was natural for me to fall into this career. The world of baking and recipe creation is full of discoveries, no matter how many years you spend in it. It’s fascinating. I’m committed to continuing to make delicious bread.

Kumazawa: Let us know if you have ideas or requests for developing something new! To give you an example, we recently created a chocolate powder that’s allergen-free and plant-based. There isn’t anything quite like it. This creation comes from a personal place – I have allergies myself, not to chocolate, but I understand how frustrating it can be for little kids with allergies to not be able to eat their favorite treats. That’s why we went down this development path. Kids love chocolate-flavored foods, and we want everyone to have a chance to enjoy them. We hope to see various food manufacturers blend our technology and materials into their products.

Mr. Nakayama: The possibilities are endless. I look forward to working with you again!

Kumazawa: Likewise, thank you very much. I appreciate your time today.

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