NHP explores technologies
that allow each person to enjoy life on Earth.

Using our state-of-the-art hydrolysis technology and research,
we’re expanding the possibilities of food production.

Hydro Powtech Japan Co. Ltd. (aka NHP) was founded in 2014. Since its establishment, we have been using our unique background in hydrolysis technology to explore new possibilities in the realm of food. After receiving the Award of Excellence in the “New Technologies and Development Category” from “Food Action Nippon 2015,” we have expanded our work throughout Japan, collaborating with a range of partners across the country. Our technology strives to make the “inedible edible.” We transform things that are typically thrown away into delicious, safe ingredients. Additionally, our technology doesn’t rely on chemical treatments and uses little energy. This allows us to create food that doesn’t burden our environment safely and sustainably. Our finished products have clear, no-fuss ingredient lists, making them a perfect candidate for allergen-free, dairy-free, and animal-free food production. In 2022, we revamped our business structure to better cater to global needs in food production. We’re dedicated to working with our partners to pursue new possibilities in the future of food.

Hydro Powtech Japan Co. Ltd
President and CEO
Masazumi Kumazawa