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A Conversation with Ryohei Suzuki from the Kyushu factory of Shinmei Co. Ltd., the largest rice wholesaler in Japan. 

Shinmei is a leading company in the rice industry. Not only do they sell their own brand of rice, but they also distribute rice products to convenience stores and restaurant chains and propose new ways to enjoy rice. They’ve been in the business for over 120 years, with factories nationwide. Their original product, “drinkable rice […]

A Conversation with Kenji Kawahara of “Gyoza no Big Five,” a gyoza factory in Kagoshima City

“Gyoza no Big Five” is a Kagoshima City factory specializing in gyoza production (dumplings). They develop and sell their original gyoza, which is popular both online and in stores and also manufacture gyoza for commercial use. With the motto of making safe products that meet the needs of the times, they develop a variety of […]

A Conversation with Sano Takashi of the Hakata City Staple, “Chocolate Shop”

The “Chocolate Shop,” founded in 1942, is loved by many and is considered the “beginning of Hakata chocolates.” This famous sweets shop uses carefully selected, safe, and fresh ingredients to make a variety of sweets, including its signature “Hakata no Ishidatami” (stone pavement in Hakata). Its current director, Sano Takashi, also works as one of […]

A Conversation with Toshinori Yukitake of the “Karatsu Smokehouse” in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture.

Furusato Club, a food company in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, founded the Karatsu Smokehouse to create delicious ham and sausage without synthetic additives. Just as caves are used in Europe for traditional wine and cheese aging, the Karatsu Smokehouse products are slowly and deliberately aged in the Hatogawa Tunnel–a tunnel located on the phantom train […]