“ANY1 CHOCO” brand development interview(vol.4)

“ANY1 CHOCO” is a chocolate brand that uses dairy-free, plant-based, and gluten-free ingredients and NHP’s hydrolysis technology. To commemorate the brand’s launch and the opening of the flagship store in Singapore, we spoke to the core members involved in the project about their thoughts.

Interviewer: Shuzo Okabe

Tan Foo Choy
Business Development Partner/Advisor

With over 20 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, primarily with Japanese cuisine, Tan has been instrumental in introducing major Japanese dining chains into Singapore and launching Keisuke Singapore, which spearheaded the ramen boom in Singapore. In 2017, he founded a company with a partner and is expanding its stores in Singapore and Malaysia as part of the Hitoyoshi Group.

S: Could you tell us about the business you’re currently involved in?

T: My career began with Hitoyoshi Ramen. I operate about 18 Japanese cuisine restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia (as of April 2024). Albert, the representative of HPS (a Singaporean corporation), introduced me to NHP’s technology.

S: When advancing the project, you mentioned that having a partner to manage the stores is crucial for a brand looking into store launches. Meeting you was a significant opportunity for us. 

T: While I’ve managed stores before, I had yet to focus on brand consciousness. Creating a brand from scratch and working as a team is extremely exciting. Heading into an unknown world is fun.

S: It’s great to hear you say that. This project is the start of NHP’s technological potential. Is there anything in particular about NHP’s technology that excites you?

T: Although I still need to fully understand all the technology (laughs), as a food industry member, I recognize the importance of materials and their lifecycle. I’m interested in creating a cycle that is as efficient and waste-free as possible, from the farm to the consumer.

S: The most efficient way is to have factories next to farms, where harvested goods are processed without waste and delivered directly to consumers. Fair trade-like situations are fundamentally challenging to achieve because they only capture a part of the process.

T: I’m thinking of trying my hand at farming in the near future. For example, what if we could make chocolate from cocoa beans harvested on a Malaysian farm? This technology and project can bring such possibilities to life.

S: Absolutely. I hope this technology spreads worldwide, leading to more happiness while elevating the potential of food. Finally, can you share your thoughts on this project?

T: Given the concept, I hope the brand spreads worldwide. It’s a new challenge, so I’m excited about what lies ahead.

Shuzo Okabe
Brand Strategy, Creative Direction

Head of upsetters architects, which specializes in environmental and strategic design. Representative of LED Enterprise focused on brand development. Winner of the JCD Design Award Gold Prize, Good Design Award, and iF Design Award, amongst other domestic and international awards. Currently serving as the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of NHP Corporation, leading all creative aspects.