“ANY1 CHOCO” brand development interview(vol.3)

“ANY1 CHOCO” is a chocolate brand that uses dairy-free, plant-based, and gluten-free ingredients and NHP’s hydrolysis technology. To commemorate the brand’s launch and the opening of the flagship store in Singapore, we spoke to the core members involved in the project about their thoughts.

Interviewer: Shuzo Okabe

Albert Tian
CEO of Hydro Powtech Singapore

With 20 years of experience in the Singapore trading business, Albert has extensive trade knowledge throughout Asia. Well-versed in Japanese culture and business practices, he founded Hydro Powtech Singapore in 2016 to spread NHP’s technology globally and bridge Japan and Singapore.

S: Could you tell us what inspired you to establish HPS?

A: I met Mr. Kumazawa, the representative of NHP, about 15 years ago through my previous job, and we’ve kept in touch since. When discussing the overseas expansion of NHP’s business, he suggested using Singapore as a hub for the entire Asian region, which led to establishing the local office.

S: Could you explain the role of the local office?

A: HPS serves as NHP’s Singapore base for deploying its technology. There are two main lines of business: the Technology business, which involves selling NHP’s technology and machinery, and the Brand/Products business, which creates brands and sells products developed with our technology, such as the ANY1CHOCO project. We centered these two businesses in Singapore so that we can expand across Asia.

S: The area of Brand/Product business, the so-called B to C domain, is an entirely new challenge for both NHP and HPS. Additionally, managing everything from manufacturing to sales is a field significantly different from your previous experiences.

A: Definitely. It’s been more challenging than I imagined. However, I’m grateful for the opportunity to start something new at this time in my life. What’s more significant is the number of seasoned professionals involved in this project. This project will possibly be the final challenge in my career.

S: Now that the brand has been launched, can you share your vision for its future development?

A: This flagship store is just the start of the brand. With Singapore as our hub, we plan to expand throughout Asia while seeking partners in new avenues. I envision reaching about ten stores as a milestone.

S: From the perspective of someone running parallel with the brand strategy, that’s a perfect scale. It’s essential to commit to keeping our focus on conveying the brand’s message as we move forward.

A: Yes, I’m genuinely grateful to everyone involved. It’s satisfying to see things taking shape one by one. This is something I couldn’t have done alone. We’ve only got one life, so I want to give it my all.

Shuzo Okabe
Brand Strategy, Creative Direction

Head of upsetters architects, which specializes in environmental and strategic design. Representative of LED Enterprise focused on brand development. Winner of the JCD Design Award Gold Prize, Good Design Award, and iF Design Award, amongst other domestic and international awards. Currently serving as the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of NHP Corporation, leading all creative aspects.